uTraxx provides intelligent planning of value-adding cost centers. Schedule changes automatically fire-up analysis of affected relationships, over-due situations, and conflicts. Order and task status updates occur system-wide, in real-time.


The scheduling board helps planning orders on time. Full and partial planning are both supported. Forward, backward and combined planning is allowed. Collisions are avoided and shift overflows are automatically calculated. The system links operations multidimensionally, perfectly visualized for the user.


Scheduling supports unattended and automatic scheduling of orders, either by due date, or by primary cost centers. Capacity bottlenecks are automatically detected. Automation is fully configurable through structured XML files, making uTraxx Scheduling adaptable to any production environment.


Schedule users have direct access to orders, procurement, and Electronic Job Ticket, for each scheduled item. uTraxx manages any number of plants with their own cost center and shift plan. Lean Production is supported by marked color zones. Available capacities and schedules can be displayed in parallel.


Status messages from task management, remote data collection (RDC) and connected systems are displayed in real time. Timeouts are constantly checked and visibly marked. An easy-to-understand color pattern helps the user to keep the overview over the entire production at a glance, at any time.