uTraxx technology is predestined for the cloud.
The central administration of applications gives you control
over your digital processes.


uTraxx application services are scalable and run on servers in the cloud or on the local network. All applications and data are managed and executed by these services. The architecture is designed for high security. User accounts and access rights are managed in these central services.


uTraxx applications consist of basic, industry and user components. These components are grouped in apps that give users access to their relevant work areas. Apps can be expanded or customized as desired.

Development Environment

The uTraxx IDE allows customization of existing and development of your own components. Supported are: uTraxx FLO language, SQL, XML, C#, C++, other .Net languages and integrated workflow modeling. The IDE is suitable for beginners up to professional development teams.

User Interfaces

In uTraxx, user interfaces are appealing and easy-to-use. Users work with responsive HTML5 browsers or native Windows clients - depending on the task and infrastructure. Apps can run on all devices. This enables flexible, location-independent working methods.